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The New Standard in Protection

The AIR+ Smart Mask combines two products – an ergonomic protective mask designed for superior fit, and the world’s first attachable micro ventilator that reduces the build-up of heat, moisture and carbon dioxide trapped inside protective masks.
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Superior Fit

  • Certified to meet international standards (CE EN149:2001+A1:2009 & NIOSH-Approved)
  • Available for various levels of protection (FFP1/2/3 and N95)
  • Plush nose cushioning for a snug fit and comfort

Advanced Breathability

Our Smart valve is fitted on the inside of the Smart Mask. The exhalation jets directly open the valve, keeping it open for a longer period than normal valves, enabling better ventilation.
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AIR+ Active Ventilator


Recharge. Reuse. Refresh.

Designed for your daily use at work, the AIR+ Active Ventilator is lightweight and easily rechargeable via micro-USB.